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Quliang City Luliang County Civil Affairs Bureau Recruitment Announcement in 2019

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Summary of content: In order to strengthen the service capacity of grass-roots social assistance agencies in Luliang County, ensure the implementation of social assistance policies, and promote the high-quality development of the county's civil affairs, according to the "Qujing Civil Affairs Bureau Qujing City Finance Bureau forwarded Yunnan Province Civil Affairs Department Yunnan Province The Ministry of Finance's Notice on Accelerating the Government's Purchasing Services and Strengthening the Service Capability of Grass-roots Social Assistance Offices (Qumin [2019] No. 5) and other relevant document spirits, combined with the realities of Luliang County, Lu Liang ...

In order to strengthen the service capacity of Luliang County's grass-roots social assistance agencies, ensure the implementation of social assistance policies, and promote the high-quality development of the county's civil affairs, according to the "Qujing Civil Affairs Bureau Qujing City Finance Bureau forwarded the Yunnan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs Circular on accelerating the government's purchase of services and strengthening the service capabilities of grass-roots social assistance agencies (Qumin [2019] No. 5) and other relevant document spirits, combined with the realities of Luliang County, the Luliang County Civil Affairs Bureau recruits county and township-level employees for social appointments Social assistance service personnel. The related matters are announced as follows:

I. Recruitment Principles

Adhere to the principle of "openness, fairness, impartiality, and merit", and recruit people who meet the requirements of the post for social appointments.

Recruiting positions and numbers

This time a total of 13 positions recruited 26 people. Zhongshu Subdistrict, Banqiao Town, Sanchahe Town, and Majie Town, each with 2 social assistance handling staff, Huoshui Township, Longhai Township, Zhaokwa Town, Damogu Town, Xiaobaihu Town, Fanghua Town, Tongle Subdistrict, and Huaqiao Farm 8 units each of the social assistance handling service staff; Luliang County Civil Affairs Bureau social assistance handling service staff of 10.

Each person can only choose one position to register, and multiple positions are considered invalid.

Release and inquiry of recruitment announcements

This implementation plan is announced to the society through Luliang County Human Resources and Social Security Network (http://www.ynqjrs.cn/subsite_index.asp?Twzbh=8). Relevant notices and announcements during the recruitment process are publicly released through Luliang County Human Resources and Social Security Network. Candidates are invited to pay attention at all times, and all application errors caused by inquiries and reprint information are the responsibility of the applicants.

4. Recruitment conditions

(1) Candidates must have the following basic conditions

1. Support the party's line, principles, and policies, abide by disciplines and laws; be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, love work and dedication, obey management, and have good moral qualities.

2. Passionate about civil affairs and have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility.

3. Good health, have certain language communication skills and physical conditions to perform the functions and duties of social assistance positions.

4. Have certain social assistance business ability and organizational coordination ability, and be proficient in computer operation and application.

5. College degree or above from National Education University.

6. The staff of the Social Assistance Agency is over 18 years old (born on or before August 1, 2001) and under 40 years old (born on or after August 1, 1979). The age for civil administration work of 2 years or more can be relaxed, but it cannot be more than 45 years old (that is, born on or after August 1, 1974).

7. Have the household registration of Luliang County, the household registration confirmation time is January 1, 2019.

(2) The situations that do not meet the application requirements are as follows:

1. Have been punished by a criminal punishment or suspected of unlawful crimes or other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations;

2.Have been administratively detained, received a custody, received education, or have a history of drug abuse;

(3) Those who are undergoing investigations or disciplinary inspection and supervision by the judicial organs, or have been fired or dismissed from state offices or public institutions;

4. Have a serious personal bad credit record;

5. Active servicemen;

6. Personnel in other situations that are not allowed to be hired as required by laws and regulations;

7. Others are not suitable for social assistance work.

V. Registration time, place and related requirements

(I) Registration time: July 25th to July 27th, 2019 (8: 30-12: 00, 14: 30-18: 00).

(2) Registration place: Luliang Warwick Security Service Co., Ltd. (next to the Central Police Station).

(3) Registration requirements

Registration form: On-site registration.

The following materials must be provided when registering:

1. "Registration Form for Public Recruitment of Grass-roots Social Assistance Managers in Luliang County, Qujing City in 2019" (see attachment);

2. Identity card, household registration book (for fresh graduates whose residence is temporarily deposited in the college they are studying in, they must hold the residence registration certificate issued by the local police station or the original original residence registration certificate), an original graduation certificate and a copy ;

3. Two recent one-inch colorless photos on white background.

Candidates shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information and materials submitted by them. Those who provide false information and pass the qualification examination for recruitment will be disqualified once they are verified.

(4) Obtaining admission ticket

Persons who have passed the registration examination and have valid ID and other valid documents must go to Luliang County Warwick Security Service Co., Ltd. to obtain the admission ticket on July 29, 2019, 8: 30-12: 00 and 14: 30-18: 00. .


The test is written.

The written test was jointly organized and implemented by Luliang County Civil Affairs Bureau of Qujing City and Luliang County Warwick Security Service Co., Ltd. This recruitment does not provide or recommend any exam reference books, and does not entrust any individual or department to hold training and guidance.

Written test content: basic knowledge of public culture, basic knowledge of computers, knowledge of civil affairs, professional knowledge. The roll score is 120 points.

Written test time: 9: 00-11: 00 on July 31, 2019.

Written examination location: See admission ticket.

Announcement of results: Announcement on Luliang County Human Resources and Social Security Network within 2 working days after the written test.

Qualification review and audit

Qualification review runs through the entire process of open recruitment. Anyone who finds that the applicant's main information about the materials is not true or meets the requirements and requirements of the applicant's position will be disqualified.

Confirmation of Medical Examination Staff

There is no interview for this recruitment. According to the written test scores of the positions reported, from high to low, 26 subjects will be selected for physical examination. If the written test scores are the same, the audit target will be determined according to the level of education (higher education is preferred), professional counterparts (social work major, sociology major), computer operation ability (priority of national computer grade examination certificate); If the three conditions are the same, professional counterparts, and computer operation capabilities, the audit object is determined by age from low to high.

Physical examination time will be notified separately.

Nine, physical examination

Medical examination items and standards refer to the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) (Guo Ren Min Fa [2005] No. 1), the Manual for Medical Examinations, and the Revision of the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) and the Medical Examinations for Civil Servants Operation Manual (Trial)> Notice "(Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2016] No. 140)," Notice on Printing and Distributing Special Standards for Medical Examination for Civil Servant Employment (Trial) "(Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2010] No. 82)," About Further The Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Civil Service Examination and Employment Examination "(Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2012] No. 65) and other regulations shall be implemented. The physical examination shall carry out the investigation and inspection of drug addicts. Once the drug addicts are confirmed, they shall not be recruited (hired). The medical examination is performed by the candidate at the designated Luliang County People's Hospital (maternal women can apply for an extension of the medical examination during the pregnancy period). The physical examination time will be notified separately. The results of the physical examination must be accompanied by a chest radiograph and conclusions. If the employer and the candidate have questions about the medical examination conclusion, they should submit a re-examination application within 7 days from the date of receiving the notification of the medical examination conclusion, and the competent department of the employer shall organize a one-time re-examination. The medical examination results shall prevail. Candidates who fail to participate in the physical examination at the prescribed time are automatically waived, and the responsibility is borne by the candidate.

At the time of the physical examination, the medical examiner and the examiner have an avoidance relationship, and they should be avoided. Candidates who falsified or concealed the real situation during the medical examination shall be dealt with in accordance with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Order No. 35 "Provisions on Handling Violations of Discipline and Violations of Public Institutions".

Job vacancies due to abandonment of medical examinations and unqualified medical examinations, among candidates, are filled in descending order of written test scores, in the order of 1: 1. If the candidates for the resignation have the same score in the written test, the resignees shall be determined according to the provisions of Article 7.

X. Publicity

Those who pass the written test, qualification review, and physical examination are determined to be the candidates for employment. They will be publicized on the Human Resources and Social Security Network of Luliang County for 5 days. During the publicity period, they will accept social supervision and report. Candidates who have been announced without objection are determined to be the object of employment.

Eleven, employment and personnel management

1. If determined to be the target of employment, the county civil affairs bureau will entrust a third party Luliang County Huawei Security Service Co., Ltd. to sign a labor contract with the employee (the employment period is one year), and purchase five social insurances according to the regulations. Both parties can renew a 2-year labor contract. If the employed personnel has any bad records such as violation of laws, disciplines or serious violations of regulations, the entrusted management party may unilaterally terminate the employment contract upon discovery.

2. Wages and benefits: The probation period for social assistance service personnel is one month and the salary is 2,500 yuan. After passing the probation period, the monthly salary is: basic salary of 2,500 yuan (including five social insurance personal parts) + performance salary of 500 yuan; the five social insurances are separately provided by Luliang County Huawei Security Service Co., Ltd. with reference to enterprise employee insurance standards Pay. Work performance is assessed semi-annually and will be issued in full at one time after passing the performance assessment.

3. The social assistance service personnel are government procurement service personnel who "are uniformly recruited and managed and used by the county and township civil affairs departments", and must obey the unified management and use of the Luliang County Civil Affairs Bureau.

12. Discipline and supervision

(1) This open recruitment exercise is subject to supervision by the county discipline inspection and supervision department and the society.

(2) Where there is an evasion relationship between the recruiting staff and the applicant, the official evasion shall be tried on a trial basis in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Forwarding the Opinions on the Trial of the Employment System in Public Institutions” (Guobanfa [2002] 35)

(3) As for applicants who have submitted false information or provided false documents and certification materials, they may be disqualified from registration, examination, or recruitment (employment) at any stage of public examination recruitment upon verification. Those who have caused bad influence and violated the criminal law shall be transferred to the judicial organ for handling.

(4) The entire open recruitment examination shall be open to the whole process of information, process and results, and accept social supervision.

13. The recruitment is explained by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Luliang County, Qujing City.

Phone: Luliang County Civil Affairs Bureau18987423526

Attachment: Luliang County Civil Affairs Bureau Social Assistance Purchase Service Registration Form.doc

Civil Affairs Bureau of Luliang County, Yunnan Province

July 23, 2019

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